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What if you came across a city that made you feel as happy and as comfortable as you do in your own hometown? You could make friends here that you feel completely at home with. These kinds of ‘meetings’ between people and place are, we feel, exactly what meaningful travel in the modern age should be about. Lift your eyes from your guidebook for a moment. Trusting your instincts, go a little deeper into the city. Look a little more closely at the streets you are walking on, at those you meet on your travels, and you’ll find the true essence of travel and place. Enjoy Kyoto is a magazine that just might help you do this. The journey to find a ‘second hometown’ is what this publication is all about. A place you can be welcomed back to anytime you feel like returning. Travel to Kyoto and make lasting connections. Travel in Kyoto and find your new favourite spots. More than anything, we want this place to become your second hometown.

運営会社 株式会社T-STYLE
事業内容 ENJOY KYOTO編集発行
設 立 平成25年7月
代表者 徳毛 伸矢
本 社 〒602-8038 京都市上京区椹木町通油小路東入東魚屋町356-3
電話番号 075-253-6067
FAX番号 075-253-6068
主な関係会社 宝酒造株式会社・株式会社高島屋・株式会社虎屋・高台寺・株式会社朝日堂
株式会社象彦/株式会社美十、株式会社八千代、公益財団法人 京都文化交流コンベンションビューロー