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Backyard Tour to the Artisans’ Workshop

This walking tour takes you to visit artisans at work, making various traditional crafts necessary for eating, clothing, housing, and entertaining. Although their workplaces are usually not open to the public, this tour allows you to closely observe the workers’ hand skills which were handed down for generations. You will also be able to understand the essence and esthetics of Kyoto culture through talking to these artisans. These cannot be experienced in normal sight seeing. Why don’t you try this profound version of “Kyoto experience”?

Gojyo Area Tour

Gojyo Area Tour: Visiting a pottery, a Buddhist altar equipment workshop, and Ajiki alley where the young artisans meet

Gojyo area is nearby the world heritage Kiyomizu temple. Many potteries have long been established in this area to create beautiful Kiyomizu wares, so the area is also known as the “Town of pottery.” Even today, you can see many workshops and pottery stores in this area. During this tour, we will guide you to observe a pottery (1) and a Buddhist altar equipment workshop (2). Later, we will take you to visit a paper-cutting artist (3) at her workshop set in a traditional architecture called Nagaya (a row house). In this 100-year-old Nagaya named “Ajiki alley,” around ten young artists reside and work together.


Imakumano Tour

Imakumano Tour : Visiting a lantern maker, a potter, and the first Pastel maker in Japan

Imakumano is a tranquil area with many temples and shrines famous for its deep connection to the emperor family. The area is also quite related to the development of noh play. In this tour, we will guide you to visit an old lantern maker (1) and a workshop of an artist born as the 14th generation of a family running a historical pottery (2). Kyoto is also known to be curious for new things. The city has flexibly adopted some of the Western cultures, and brilliantly enhanced them to become a unique part of its own. To show an example, we will visit the first Japanese maker of “pastel” (3), a drawing material originated in Europe. Even today, these pastels are produced by hand.


Gojyo Area Tour

Kyoto Aroma Tour led by the author of “Kyoto’s world of fragrance”

This walking tour first provides you the seminar about Japanese aromas and then takes you to Nishiki food market where you can find special aromas.
Kyoto’s world of fragrance tour: Aroma seminar and visits to food market called Nishiki “Discovering Kyoto with your eyes closed”, this is the outstanding way to get to know different phases of this old traditional city, Kyoto by using the other sense through the nose. The author of “Kyoto’s world of fragrance” will explain about four categories of scent such as “Miyabi (Elegance)”, “Takumi(Craftsmanship)”, “Shizen(Naturalism)” and “Gourmet(Gastronomy). And you try to smell different Japanese aromas then visit the food shops knowing how the aromas are coming from.